Pollup Application

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Pollup, an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to create and share surveys or events with your friends. Available for iOS and Android.

What is Pollup?

Pollup is a mobile application specialized in creating surveys. Intuitive and easy to use, the application allows you to quickly create questionnaires to be distributed publicly, or to share with only a few contacts. Use Pollup to conduct surveys, to get a common opinion, but also to simplify the planning of all your events. This gives you an overview of the number of guests participating, or the distribution of tasks for each.

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How does it work?


Download our app

Download the application for free on your smartphone in just a few clicks, on the App Store or on Google Play. Pollup is compatible with iOS and Android.


Register in a few seconds

Once you have downloaded the survey application, all you need to do is create your account to register. It only takes a few seconds. Enter your email address and password, and all you need to do is create all your questionnaires!


Create and share your surveys

Create your surveys according to your desires and needs. To collect information, collect feedback or simply to organize events between friends or collaborators, Pollup offers a clear, simple and very intuitive interface. Creating and distributing a survey has never been easier!